Overview of investment criteria



Succession Financing, Management Buyout/Buyin, Sale of Shareholdings (Changes in the Shareholder`s Structure), expansion/growth financing  

Participation Type   minority or majority participations 

Form of Financing

primarily with equity capital

Transaction Size medium size transactions
Yearly turnover  between CHF 10 million and CHF 150 million
Cash Flow sustainable, positive cash flows, good profitability level
Geographic Focus Switzerland
Industry Focus generally open, specifically interested in industry-, micro- and medical-technology, processing- and material technology, information technology and certain selected services
Market attractive market (growth and/or margins) with limited substitutes
Positioning strong market position, known brand, high quality products and services, clear core capabilities
Management Professional management, track record, industry experience and willingness to work together

active participation on the board

Collaboration True partnership with necessary contractual arrangements


Additional Information:

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