In selecting investment opportunities, the following core values are of major importance to us:

Credible Entrepreneurs
We consider credible entrepreneurs and leadership as critical success factors and therefore also as a key criteria in our selection process for new investments.  

Sustainable Value Creation 
We act on the basis of entrepreneurial principles and invest in companies which, based on the creation of genuine value and sustainable growth, create long term oriented value for investors.

Financing with Equity
We deploy our own funds (mainly equity capital) in financing our portfolio companies, either in the form of equity or convertible loans. 

Committed Management Support
We uncompromisingly seek management teams of exceptional quality. We support the management with industry, finance and marketing know-how by actively participating on the boards of portfolio companies.

Professional Partnerships
We contribute as professional partners by actively assisting in the areas of deal-flow, co-financing and exits. BVgroup acts both as lead- and co-investor.

Transparent Network
For our investments we provide access to a broad entrepreneurial network. With an open information policy we ensure a high level of transparency which has a positive effect on BVgroup's image.

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